Blithe Spirits

“Blithe Spirits” — read by the author.

A long-standing belief in a benefit from drinking is being challenged.

It used to be said that a glass of red wine,
if consumed with restraint, for your health, was just fine.
But new studies suggest there is no safe booze cap,
so… that prior advice it may be time to scrap.

Alcohol’s used for medicinal purpose,
but now there’s debate over what amount hurts us.
What one time was thought to be good for your ticker
has been reassessed, with less blessing for liquor.

If you thought consuming a stiff drink or two
would ensure your well-being – you must think anew.
No more shots of tequila, or sipping a daiquiri;
what once was conventional wisdom’s now quackery.

That bar in your basement? No need to restock it;
the only safe cocktails are those known as “mock.” Quit-
ing drinking completely some docs now prescribing;
L’chaim!” I say – but I’ll keep on imbibing.

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