Harvest Croon

In the pantheon of holiday music, one celebration remains unsung.

There’s carols for Christmas, and ditties for Easter –
but Thanksgiving has nothing scored for that feast. Were
the songwriters tapped out and chose to withdraw
after penning one turkey tune? (Hint: “… in the straw.”)

There’s a dance played at weddings – but that’s named for chickens,
and outside of “Blackbird,” there’s mighty slim pickins.
There’s “Snowbird,” and “Free Bird,” and “Mockingbird Hill,”
but a turkey-based anthem remains unfulfilled.

A song about Pilgrims would probably tank – it’s
depressing to wail about plague-ridden blankets.
For sure vegetarians wouldn’t be lovin’
a madrigal praising roast fowl in the oven.

No chart-topping rock ‘n’ roll band knows a ballad
extolling the virtues of ambrosia salad.
Perhaps the hit single will be one whereby they
belt out all the sales taking place on Black Friday.

“Harvest Croon” — read by the author.

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