On the Roadrunner

A bird known for its speed took a most unusual trip.

A wayward roadrunner’s done something of note: he
has distanced himself from his foe, the coyote,
by stowing away in a van from Las Vegas.
He showed up in Maine for an unplanned hiatus.

The trip took four days, leaving this bird quite thirsty,
and now back to health this fleet fowl’s being nursed. He
is known, ornithologically, as a sprinter
and seems unprepared for Maine’s cold, snowy winter.

Although I’ve said “he” – it’s uncertain just whether
this bird is a “she” (both kinds have the same feathers).
If he’s a she, I didn’t mean to misgender her –
but one thing that’s clear: this bird’s quite an adventurer.

“On the Roadrunner” — read by the author.

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