River-Horsing Around

Steps are being taken to limit any further population growth of a mammoth mammal.

Here’s a dicey topic one ignores and not discusses:
birth control administered to hippotamuses.
There are several methods (none relying on a condom;
that’s a risky effort if you’ve tried to slip one on some).

Hippos in Colombia – brought in by Pablo Escobar;
derelict herd management’s allowed them to progress so far.
Starting from just four, left to their own they chose to multiply.
(If you stick with Latin, then the plural’s “hippopotami.”)

Every single hippo turned a deaf ear to entreaties:
“Abstinence is best!” Now, they’re a large, invasive species.
Forced sterilization curbs the numbers, ipso facto.
Careful family planning is a skill most hippos lack, though.

“River-Horsing Around” — read by the author.

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