Trail Mix-up

A backpacker seemed more concerned with spam than survival.

When going for a hike, one should always take precautions –
especially if you are heading out all on your own:
bring several quarts of water, pack granola bars for noshin’,
let someone know your plans, and then make sure you’ve charged your phone.

In case you twist an ankle, or you wander off the marked trail,
and don’t return on time once evening temperatures get frosty,
then rangers check. If you’re not found near where your car’s been parked, they’ll
have to launch a search and rescue operation – which is costly.

So, if your phone starts ringing while you’re hiking through the forest –
particularly when you’re lost or feel disoriented –
just answer any call, since the great risk if you ignore is
that instead of joy at your return, your life may be lamented.

“Trail Mix-up” — read by the author.

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