Fruit Shilling

Ingredients in a popular sugary treat may not be exactly as advertised.

How many strawberries are found in a Pop-Tart?
If you think a whole bunch – you really are not smart.
You’ll find other fruits, but not much of red berries.
And, since they are frosted, they’ll also cause caries.

A few folks have sued – all attempts at disabling
what they say is false and deceptive mislabeling.
The recourse they seek takes a pathway (judicial)
to make sure each box adds the word “artificial.”

The lawyer who filed these suits wants a big check, lest
he forces some unwelcome change to our breakfast.
But, honestly – odds are low many might sour
on their morning-time meal of sweet glaze and white flour.

“Fruit Shilling” — as read by the author.

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