Let Us Prey

The resurgence of a rapacious species is a reason for caution.

Have you ever spent time out on fabled Cape Cod?
You can sample the lobster, the clams, or the scrod.
But do not confuse great white sharks with your seafood:
the choices you have are to chew, or to be chewed.

A swim at the beach, under bright sun or dark night,
can quickly be spoiled once you hear cries of, “Shark bite!”
An influx of great whites is causing disquiet
since people are sometimes a part of their diet.

An increase in seal population empowers
Cape Cod’s new seduction of apex devourers.
But don’t blame the seals for these shocking attacks –
sharks are not all that picky when choosing their snacks.

“Let Us Prey” — read by the author.

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