A Pain in the Assets

A shocking new report reveals the stealth behind wealth.

The rich are quite different from both you and me;
for one thing – they’ve got much more money.
And those at the tip-top claim immunity
from paying their taxes – not funny.

The money they have, it can barely be counted.
With tax payments, they’re parsimonious.
If audited, quite a defense they’ll have mounted
against acts that should be felonious.

They don’t declare income yet somehow they’re flush;
a life of excess, without thrift.
With shelters off-shore, and with funds that are slush –
the tax codes embolden this grift.

Tax havens, trust freezing, and equity swaps –
these loopholes are legal. The fact is:
there won’t be equality ‘til this all stops
and the rich pay their fair share of taxes.

“A Pain in the Assets” — read by the author.

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