Snack Flew-d

Couch potatoes are rejoicing over a sweet development.

The Girl Scouts are testing, or so it’s purported,
a new high-tech plan to have cookies transported.
I’ll eat several boxes-ful when I’m alone,
since now they are testing delivery by drone.

Tagalongs are my most favorite, although a
big glass of milk pairs with a dozen Samoas.
I’ll knock off some Girl Scout S’mores in a crunch,
and once ate a whole box of Thin Mints for lunch.

The use of a drone now replaces the mission
of finding where troops have staked out sales positions.
Now, I can eat Trefoils the rest of the day
once an order’s been dropped off, right at my foyer.

For sugary treats, this new-fangled conveyance
for transport means I’ll never be in abeyance.
I’m willing to give drone delivery a look-see –
as long as the flight doesn’t crumble my cookie.

“Snack Flew-d” — read by the author.

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