Wedded Blitz

While it’s said you should forgive men their trespasses, there are exceptions. 

When people decide to get married, they send you
a notice to join them. One couple’s omission:
although they’d selected an elegant venue,
the owner had never afforded permission.

The groom had requested the use of the manor,
where they would be joined by their friends and relations.
The couple, proceeding here sans wedding planner,
said, “Come to our dream home” on their invitations.

The bride and groom thought the house would be empty.
Securing approval? Too much of a hassle.
The groom, in a cavalier show of contempt, re-
asserted he had squatter’s rights to this castle.

The day of the wedding, the groom was confronted;
sharp words were exchanged over this birdbrained plan.
A scheme for a lush ceremony now blunted;
the honeymoon over before it began.

“Wedded Blitz” — read by the author.

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