Not to Gestate the Obvious

A new mother experienced a highly unusual path to child-bearing.

A woman who had recently discovered she was pregnant
had an overactive ovary – which had another egg sent
three weeks later to her uterus, to join the other embryo.
When studying gestation, it’s a curious scenario.

This circumstance is quite unique: it’s called “superfetation,”
and it means a second fetus, through fallopian migration,
joins the one already anchored in a domain uterine.
And despite the time delay here, it will still remain a twin.

So unusual is this phenomenon, this rare condition,
that the situation stumped this mother’s seasoned obstetrician.
Both the babies were delivered to delight and great applause –
and provided brand-new meaning to the maxim pregnant pause.

“Not to Gestate the Obvious” — read by the author.

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