Sprout and Proud

The marketing of a classic toy embraces new norms.

A potato, in all of its splendor,
isn’t thought of as having a gender.
A potato’s a self-pollinator,
given both sexes by its Creator.

The Potato Head playtime activity’s
known for its heteronormativity.
But these trinkets will soon be rebranded –
with the concept of “family” expanded.

A toy family made up of two daddies
may make some uptight; not put them at ease.
And a household containing two mommies
some will say is the imprint of Commies.

But the message for those quick to judge is
that a family will thrive where the love is.
Inclusivity: there’s nothing greater; lots
of gay parents are raising dear tater tots.

“Sprout and Proud” — read by the author.

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