Gloom and Doomscroll

Assessing the impact of an increasingly widespread anxiety-producing behavior.

Thumbing through your social media feed;
comments that get you upset or mislead;
bad news regarding the state of the world;
conspiracy theories where invective’s hurled.

This has an effect on the psyche, some say –
your eyes remain fixed and you can’t turn away.
When former friends’ posts are no longer consoling,
you’re stuck in a rut that is known as “doomscrolling.”

Twitter and Facebook, for sure, play a part, and
you find yourself sad or depressed or disheartened.
When fact seems quite hopelessly bound up with fiction,
it’s time for relief from device-based addiction.

What can be done to resolve this dilemma?
Try taking your tablet and smartphone and put them a-
way for a few hours, and try reconnecting
with all of the joyful things you’ve been neglecting.

“Gloom and Doomscroll” — read by the author.

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