Chair-Hazing Experience

Serena Williams’ comeback stifled by prick-ly umpire?

The finals in tennis: Osaka, Serena.
Nobody who watched it recalls having seen a
gut-punch big as this one doled out by the umpire,
who claimed that he saw something squirrely from up higher.

The first violation: coach signaled, “Attack it!”
The second came after she threw down her racquet.
The third came right after she called ump a thief.
Despite her appeal to the ref – no relief.

Serena distressed; seems those rulings helped beat her.
Abandoned her cool when she thought called a cheater.
First a point, then a game, then loss of match.
Serena’s big comeback went right down the hatch.

Naomi Osaka – the first from Japan:
she played a great match but it wasn’t her plan
to have the match handed to her amidst heat.
Serena was gracious; showed class in defeat.

Serena claimed rulings weren’t right and weren’t fair;
quite different if she were a man standing there.
The outcome is now part of history forever, so
would she have won here without them? We’ll never know.

It’s now the day after this tourney – and wow!
Serena was fined a big 17 thou.
Add insult to injury; one more coffin nail.
This really seems tone-deaf. In fact: (hashtag) FAIL.

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